Friday, 23 August 2013

Back to the past (727)

An historic moment! For decades that a 727 doesn’t lines up with the runway of Madeira Island Airport. Here it comes, getting on the runway! Aligns, and gets ready to go! Inside, the pilots check the instruments on that complex cockpit and passengers get comfortable for the journey. Outside, the excitement is high! The spotters point and focus the lenses, decided to take a good shot, while listening to a beautiful symphony provided by the engines of this plane, filling Santa Cruz and capturing many attentions. For some it’s a remember of the past, for others it is to know it. All ready to take off, the engines speed up to full throttle, muffling the sound of the shots from the cameras and the plane starts to slide down the runway, gaining speed and take off towards the skies. It’s just another journey, but for those who watched, it was not any visit, it was the visit of a Boeing 727!

Burkina Faso Governenmt 727-282 XT-BFA (-ex TAP CS-TBY)

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