Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Binter Canarias and Madeira

Severall companies have got special liveries showing landscapes from their own or another countries, such as Condor, a German airline that has liveries from Canarias and even from Egypt! It would be nice to see also something from Portugal, some landscape or a famous monument painted on a TAP Portugal aircraft. Many of us (aviation lovers) have already been requested, from the company itself, to sent suggestions for special paint to TAP, including me, but with no result... The national airline receives new aircrafts, and paints them always with the normal scheme.  So, Binter Canarias come with a small solution! Give our Island's name to one of their airplanes, as seen in the pictures.

ATR 72-500, EC-KGJ, Binter Canarias

Thursday, 4 September 2014


After a night raining, the sun come and water started evaporating, creating very humidity, and giving very nice effects on the taking off aircrafts.

Boeing 737-809 OY-PSE Primera

Airbus A320-214 G-EZWK EasyJet

Airbus A319-111 CS-TTN TAP Portugal