Saturday, 21 February 2015

Milo, the Giant Red Ostrich

Today Airberlin brought here their newest special livery. After three cancellations, (2x D-ABDU, 1x D-ABFK) AB finally brings here a special painting. The fourth time's the charm!
This livery, with a red ostrich called Milo, promotes AB's new frequent flyer program.

Airbus A320-214, D-ABFO, Airberlin (Topbonus frequent flyer program)

Monday, 16 February 2015

Monday from the Apron

Today I went to a different spot to do spotting: to the ramp of the airport! It's my second time there, the first one was last year, also on the Carnival, but it was raining and windy, so I ended up not posting any photos here. But this time, despite some dark clouds, and armed with a fisheye, I decided to upload the photos.
A lot of cockpit members waved at us, and if you are one of them, thank you very much, and do not hesitate to contact me and ask for the photos.
Special thanks to João Freitas who took me to the ramp, and also to Daniel Freitas, who went with us too.

Airbus A319-112, CS-TTV, TAP Portugal

Boeing 737-8K2(WL), PH-HZX, Transavia Airlines

A different photo of the tarmac, taken with a fisheye lenses

Dornier DO-228-201, CS-AYT, Aero Vip

Airbus A321-231, G-OZBL, Monarch Airlines

Airbus A319-112, CS-TTQ, TAP Portugal

Airbus A320-214(WL), G-EZWP, EasyJet

A photo that I wanted to do since some time

 Boeing 737-3L9(WL), OY-JTC, Jet Time

A view for the parked aircraft on the apron

 Boeing 757-28A(WL), G-OOBB, Thomson Airways

Airbus A320-214, G-EZUC, EasyJet

Airbus A321-211 (WL), OY-TCG, Thomas Cook Scandinavia

Airbus A321-211 (WL), OY-TCH, Thomas Cook Scandinavia

Boeing 737-8K5(WL), G-TAWR, Thomson Airways

 Airbus A319-111, G-EZAB, EasyJet

Airbus A320-214, CS-TNX, TAP Portugal

Boeing 757-204(WL), G-BYAW, Thomson Airways

Boeing 737-8K5(WL), G-TAWS, Thomson Airways

 Airbus A321-231, G-ZBAL, Monarch Airlines

 Airbus A319-132, OO-TCS, Thomas Cook Belgium

Boeing 737-8K5(WL), G-JZHA, Jet2Holidays

Boeing 737-8K5(WL), G-GDFD, Jet2Holidays

Airbus A320-214, CS-TNI, TAP Portugal

Socata TB-10 Tobago, CS-DCH, Aeroclube da Madeira (it is grounded for more than 2 years, and finally I photographed it!)
Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C, CS-AIC, Aeroclube da Madeira

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Gambia Bird by Germania

For a long time that I've been trying to catch this bird, with no success. It wasn't coming to Madeira, when suddenly it came, on the same day that the Airberlin's D-ABNB (''Discover America'') came here for it's first time too. Unfortunately I was having classes, so I lost both of them. Today the Gambia Bird came and It has been by a whisker that I was able photograph it.

Airbus A319-112, D-ASTB, Germania (Gambia Bird livery)

Monday, 9 February 2015

Merlin heading for Canary

This afternoon the Portuguese EH-101 that is based at Porto Santo come to Madeira to pick up a doctor from EMIR (as seen in the first photo, the yellow VW Golf) and then departed heading for a ship near the Canary Islands. Soon it will come here again to leave the patient and the doctor. (With video on the end)

Augusta-Westland EH-101 Merlin, 19609, Portuguese Air Force

The video of the rescue, made by squadron 751 and published on YouTube

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Take off with an open door

Some weeks ago an aircraft from Germania took off with an open door! Well, sort of, because it was just a sticker promoting Kassel-Calden airport. It's an interesting sticker, but for the less interested in aviation may appear that it is flying with the door open.

Airbus A319-112, D-AHIL, Germania (See you in Kassel airport sticker)