Saturday, 31 October 2015

Air Nostrum Late Takeoff

Yesterday there was a Fokker 100 from Carpatair scheduled to come to Madeira, with FC Porto team to play against União da Madeira, a local football team. However, due to strong winds the plane wasn't able to land and diverted to Porto Santo. In the meantime, the match was canceled, and the Fokker depart today around 9AM, to Oporto, without coming to Madeira. Hope better luck next time!
So, to end the month I'll go to the archive and bring another rear engine aircraft, this time a Bombardier from Air Nostrum, that has done a late takeoff, making possible these photos with the terrain on the background.

Bombardier CRJ-1000, EC-LOX, Air Nostrum (Iberia Regional)

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